The new classic: Men’s linen shorts

Linen shorts are the perfect choice for hot climates. During summer and spring, it can be unpleasant wearing long pants or thicker fabrics. Men’s linen shorts are a more lightweight and breathable choice for warmer weather. 

What are men’s linen shorts?

Men’s linen shorts are shorts that are made out of linen. They can have many different designs and colours. Many pairs of linen shorts have a drawstring and are a more relaxed style. You can also find pairs of men’s linen shorts with a zipper fly and button. Men’s linen shorts can come with pockets and without pockets. It all depends on what you are looking for. 

Since linen is a natural fibre, it can come in varying weaves. The tighter the weave the more firm your linen shorts will feel. A looser weave means softer, more relaxed linen. However, loose woven linen can be slightly see-through, so ensure that the linen shorts you choose are appropriately lined. 

What to wear with men’s linen shorts?

Men’s linen shorts can be worn with a variety of clothing. You can wear them with a simple t-shirt, with linen button-ups or with jumpers. Since linen shorts are typically a neutral colour and quite simple in style, they are the perfect base to build your outfit from. You are sure to be comfortable and stylish with a pair of men’s linen shorts.

Why are men’s linen shorts a good choice?

Since they are so versatile and easy to wear during the summer months, men’s linen shorts are a great addition to any wardrobe. There is so much use you can get out of them, from days at the beach to nights out, or just relaxing at home. They are comfortable, stylish and practical in the heat. Men’s linen shorts are the perfect no-fuss style of shorts to get you through the hotter months. 

When selecting your linen shorts, make sure you keep in mind the other items you already own. Choose a colour that will work well with many of your shirts to make sure you get the most use out of your linen shorts. Otherwise, select a colour which is different to other shorts you own. It’s always fun to shake up your style choices!