Get Summer Style With Linen Shorts for Women

When summer's on the way, it's time to show off your legs. If you've got a great pair of pins, there's no better way to put them on display than a pair of linen shorts from eBay. Choose the colour and length that suits you, then hit the town in your fabulous ladies' linen shorts.

Styling a pair of linen shorts for women

One of the main advantages of linen shorts over the more common denim version is that they can be dressed up or down. You may not be able to get away with wearing your shorts to the office, but by changing the top and shoes that you pair them with, you can enjoy a number of different looks.

  • The casual classic is, of course, a pair of linen shorts and a t-shirt. Choose a fairly fitted tee and, for an ultra-casual look, layer a denim jacket over the top.
  • To take your basic look into the evening, swap the denim jacket for a smart blazer. The colour should complement, but not match, your shorts. Stick to dark with dark, or light with light.
  • For a smarter look, pair your linen shorts with a button-down shirt. The perfect summer look is a white shirt casually tucked into a pair of pale shorts in light pink or blue.
  • For instant beach chic, pop a loose-fitting blouse over your shorts. Be sure to tuck it in, or you risk looking shapeless.
Avoiding creases in women's linen shorts

The rumpled, casual look of linen is part of its charm - but there's a fine line between artfully undone and just plain creased. To avoid your shorts looking wrinkled, there are a couple of steps you can take. First, rather than choosing pure linen, look for a blend with viscose. Then, iron them while still slightly damp to get them looking just the way you want.

How tight should your linen shorts be?

Unlike denim shorts, you don't want linen to hug your body too tightly - the fabric wasn't made for that. However, you can choose from a few different styles. Fitted shorts have a sharp, tailored look to them that works well if you want to dress up a bit. Looser shorts can still be flattering. Flared linen culottes, which can look almost like a skirt but are more practical, are a good way to wear loose shorts.

What other features should you look for in linen shorts?

Check out the way that your shorts fasten. A full fly fastening is good for a more detailed look that apes denim, but an invisible side zipper will give you a perfectly clean silhouette. However, it's not the sturdiest closure. If you want to enjoy a big lunch without worrying, nothing beats a pair of shorts with an elasticated waistband.