If you’re shopping for clothing and shoe care products, a lint remover should definitely be on your list.

An easy-to-use and simple tool, a lint remover help you do more than removing all that stubborn and pesky fuzz and lint from your clothes. You can use them on your carpets and a myriad of other things - they’re especially useful when you want to quickly remove pet hair.

Effortlessly wipe the lint off your lampshades

There is no question that lampshades are frustratingly hard to clean. After all, you can't exactly use water or wash them in the washing machine. Moreover, you may not even have the adequate vacuum attachment to clean the dust and lint off. With a lint roller, you can forget all the other annoying tools! Just roll it all over the lampshade and see how quickly the lint comes off.

Handbag cleaning

Another amazing application of lint removers is cleaning your handbag. There aren't a lot of us that have a clean looking handbag, especially the bottom of the purse. It can get cluttered with lint, dust and debris, because nobody really thinks to clean it. But when you do, and if you don't have a lint remover, this task could become a nightmare. However, with a lint remover, you can quickly clean all the dust, crumbs and debris. You can also use lint removers on your suitcase, backpacks and gym bags.

Cleaning the drawers

Drawers are another difficult thing to clean, especially if you have neglected to clean them for a long time. Moreover, drawers have very hard to reach crevices, which means you can’t exactly use a vacuum or a damp washcloth. However, lint removers are compact, small and flexible. You can use them to reach these areas in the drawers. Plus, there are different types of lint removers you can buy on eBay. For example, you can go for lint removers that come with a brush attachment - they can help you brush and roll all the dust at the same time!

It’s also a good idea to use garment bags to protect your clothes from lint in the first place.