Lip Balms and Treatments

Do you use moisturiser for your skin? You can make sure your lips are cared for too by using lip balm treatments. You can find them in a variety of colours, shapes, scents, flavours and more. Keep in mind that skin care sets and kits often skip care products for your lips. Make sure to consider lip balms and other treatments if you find dry, chapped lips to be a problem.


Have you exfoliated lately? Many people use gentle scrubs to help keep skin clean and soft. Lip scrubs are no different. At the most basic, they consist of sugar as an exfoliant and a moisturiser. Lip scrubs are not meant to be used as often as regular lip balms. Instead, use them once a day to help keep your lips from getting chapped.


Solid lip balms are conveniently packaged in a tube that pushes the balm up and down. These types are more likely to be found unflavoured and uncoloured, making them appealing to men and women alike. Gel lip balms have more the texture of petroleum jelly and often come in squeeze tubes. You can often substitute them for lip gloss to add some light colour and shine to your lips.


Lip balms and other treatments come in a whole spectrum of flavours. Pretty much any sweet flavour you can think of is represented, and even some savoury flavours as well. If you're looking for a new flavour lip balm, you can go with more traditional fruity flavours. Or perhaps mint is more your speed? If you are particularly drawn to all things pumpkin, there are even pumpkin spice flavoured lip balms. On the other hand, if savoury flavours sound like something to try, you may even find macaroni and cheese.


The ingredients in lip balm and treatments are as varied as the flavours they come in. Lip balms may contain petroleum jelly, sunscreen and even paraffin oil. If natural or organic is very important to you, you should have no problem finding ones with very simple ingredients, such as beeswax and coconut oil. There are also certified vegan and/or cruelty-free companies. High-end beauty lip balms may even have various ingredients meant to plump, define or smooth out wrinkles.