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Lip Plumper

Many people the world over desire full lips. However, you do not necessarily need to get injections or undergo a surgery if you want them. You could enlarge your mouth with the proper use of special cosmetic lip plumpers to make it bigger. Some products produce temporary effects and are great when you need a fuller mouth for a special event.

Makeup Tricks

Many makeup artists rub the lips with a slightly harsh washcloth before applying any products. By scrubbing the lips, you irritate them slightly, and this causes them to swell a bit. You can use a lip exfoliator for this purpose. Afterwards, apply the right makeup products and create a visual image of fuller lips. Use a white lip liner and blend it outwards, emphasising the upper lip. Apply lipstick, and cover with a generous amount of light lip gloss. As these glosses reflect light, your lips instantly seem bigger. Add a touch of pigment into the centre of the lower and the upper lip, drawing the attention there.

Blood Flow Enhancers

The more blood inside your lips, the fuller they look. On cold days, your lips might seem tinier than usual. Many products use the principle that irritating or slightly adding some heat to the lips makes them bigger. They induce redness and mild swelling, and the feeling may be somewhat odd or even uncomfortable, though most wearers get used to it. These products contain capsicum, wintergreen, ginger mint, or cinnamon to create the desired temporary effect. Try not to overuse them because they can cause scaling and dry skin.

Treatment Plumpers

Treatment plumpers promise to deliver a longer effect. The cosmetic plumpers contain human growth factors, hyaluronic acids, marine collagen, and peptides, which are all thought to stimulate the lips. Manufacturers intend for this to naturally produce more collagen and elastin, which contributes to the pout. These products may be slightly better than the blood flow enhancers, as they also contain some moisturisers.

Lip Enhancing Tools

Special lip enhancing tools are available, and many of them work instantly. Essentially, they suck your lips into a vacuum and irritate the skin to induce swelling. These devices come in different shapes, so you can pick one that best fits your mouth.