Lithium Rechargeable Batteries

12V Lithium Battery

Popular in portable electronics such as laptops, smartphones, CCTV cameras, and other devices, a 12V lithium battery is a rechargeable battery that is small, light, with high energy density. That means having a high power capacity without being excessively bulky. A rechargeable battery is more cost effective and better for the environment than a traditional single use battery. The lithium 12v battery also has a low self discharge, which makes it has a longer shelf life when not in use. It has a zero to low memory effect, which means it doesnt "forget" the maximum energy capacity when repeatedly recharged on battery chargers when not fully flat. Check out eBays great range of 12V lithium batteries today. Other benefits to a 12V lithium battery are that they are quick charging and have a longer lifespan than other rechargeable batteries. Always make sure to check with the manufacturers instructions on the device to ensure the battery you purchase is compatible.

How to care for a 12V lithium battery

Never open or attempt to disassemble a battery. Do not crush or puncture the battery. Do not attempt to short out the battery, or try to dispose of the battery in fire or water. Most lithium 12V batteries cannot be charged under 0C temperatures. Be aware that a faulty 12V lithium battery can cause a fire, so proper care of these batteries will ensure the safety of your device, as well as yourself. Thankfully, 12V lithium batteries contain less toxic metals than other types of batteries. Recycle your old lithium 12v battery at a proper battery recycling station (not into your normal council collected recycling). This may be available at your local supermarket or you can search online for a battery recycling bin near you. Check out eBays range of great 12V lithium batteries and youll be charging and recharging your device with ease.

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