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Livestock Hay

Livestock hay and feeders

With variable weather and the unpredictable nature of farming, its always a good idea to keep your stash of hay topped up throughout the year if you can. Animal feed can be hard to source during a drought, as not everyone has excess to go around. On eBay, you can find a range of livestock hay and other livestock supplies and equipment available to ensure you have enough to get through the season.

Different sized bales

The ideal size for you will largely be dictated by the vehicles and trailers you have available for transporting hay. Large, round bales are great as you have to make fewer trips to deliver a large amount of hay. However, if you only have a small trailer available, then this is unlikely to be feasible for you. Small rectangular bales are easier to manage manually, as you can load them from the barn at your pickup location, onto your trailer. If you find yourself stuck and can only source large bales, keep in mind that you can always break them up to make manual handling more manageable. Your cattle, horses, alpacas and sheep will be happy to see the hay at any time of the day, regardless of the size of the bale.

Tips for choosing hay

Be sure to ask to open up a bale, and feel it with your hand to make sure it doesnt feel overly hot or moist. Very hot and moist hay provides the optimal conditions for fungal growth, and produces internal heat, which is a fire risk.

Hay feeders

If you have extensive pastureland, you may require hay feeders dotted throughout the fields so cattle can graze freely. Hay bale feeders are ideal farming and agriculture products which provide an easy way to feed animals in a controlled and manageable way. Feeders are made of durable materials and are designed to withstand the elements, and prevent hay from blowing away during windy conditions.