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Livestock Shearing Supplies & Equipment

Livestock Shearing Supplies and Equipment

Proper tools and equipment get the job done, no matter the project. Whether you need shearing supplies or other farming and agriculture products, you can find a large selection. Be sure to select suitable shears and clippers available in manual and electric varieties to streamline the fur-removing and trimming process. Ask any livestock owner: Their goal is to keep their animals looking and feeling good.

Sheep Shears

An important tool for the sheep owners toolbox are sheep shears used annually for sheep shearing. Any beginner or experienced shearer appreciates an adjustable speed button when clipping wool at different speeds. They also enjoy shears with blades, such as alloy steel, that stay sharp. Likewise, high-powered 500-watt models hold up under long-term use, and most include a cooling feature to prevent overheating. You can shear other animals, such as goats and alpacas, using the same device.

Horse Clippers

Horses are another popular farm animal that need whiskers and other hair trimmed. Many horse clippers feature contoured grip designs and flexible cables for ease of use when moving around the animal. Operators use the clippers for quick touch-ups around the ears, to cut through matted hair, and for body clipping. With an average cutting speed of 2500 rpm, youll have adequate power to complete these projects. Additionally, your animal stays calmer due to built-in low noise and vibration features. You can also use the versatile tool on other farm animals, such as pigs, cattle and camels.

Electric Shears

When choosing livestock equipment and farm supplies, a pair of electric shears saves wear and tear on your hands. Adjust for fur thickness by rotating a button or set a specific speed setting that suits your cutting style. Most shears include a carrying case to keep supplies in one place so you can grab and go.