Lizard Supplies

A happy, healthy lizard with the right supplies

Reptiles like lizards, snakes and iguanas are becoming more and more popular as pets in Australia and its easy to see why.

Its so important to choose the right reptile supplies for keeping your lizard healthy and happy. This includes choosing the right size tank or vivarium, keeping it at the ideal temperature and light, and offering the correct food.

Lizard vivariums

Vivariums are made from an aluminium alloy, stainless steel or wooden frame, with strong tempered glass for viewing.

As lizards are cold-blooded, theyre used to hot desert temperatures too, so youll need to make sure your lizard vivarium has the correct type of heating system, along with being the right size to allow plenty of space to roam.

Lizard caves

Realistic rock-like caves are usually made of a special non-toxic resin and offer a great place for your lizard to hide and play. It also makes your vivarium look much more like the landscape of your lizards natural habitat and theyre fun to choose too.

Lizard dishes and feeders

When it comes to food youll need to know whether your lizard is a meat eater, herbivore, or both. Once thats been established, choose a food bowl or feeder which is at the perfect height for your pet to reach and is very durable. Ideal for bearded dragons, geckos and turtles too, feeders are made from a safe, non-tox resin and come in a wide range of cute designs.

Lighting for lizard tanks

The lighting and heating of your vivarium go hand in hand and its not simply a case of screwing in a normal domestic light bulb. Lightbulbs which are specially designed for lizard tanks offer the exact balance of ultraviolet light that your pet needs.

The lighting in the tank acts like a mini sun, making sure your pet gets exactly the right amount of UVA and UVB rays, so lighting isnt just to make the tank look nice, its to keep your lizard in the best possible health too.