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Looking for a reliable locking system to secure your home or office? Look no further than eBay's vast range of Lockwood locks. You'll find locksets for front doors, security doors, interior doors and sliding doors, as well as padlocks, deadlocks, digital deadbolts and both mechanical and digital keyless entry solutions. Choose from brand new, never used, and pre-used products to find the best value for your budget.

Lockwood is a leading brand in the Australian locking industry, with a well-established reputation for high-quality locks for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Lockwood products

Need to repair or replace parts in an existing Lockwood lock? You'll find a huge selection of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Lockwood parts, including replacement cylinders, latches, levers and pins.

Here on eBay you'll also find a range of new and used Lockwood-branded building materials and hardware, including door and window hardware, knobs, handles and push-plates for heavy-use doors.

Did you know?

eBay makes it easy for you to find great deals for Lockwood products by refining your search results. You can narrow your search results for Lockwood products by door type, material, finish, security level (ANSI Grade), style, condition, delivery option and, of course, price.

Need a Lockwood lock in a hurry, or happy to wait for a bargain? Filter search results by buying format, including Auction, Buy It Now or Best Offer.

Are you buying a Lockwood lock for a specific part of your home or business? Filter results for front doors, security screen doors, sliding doors, interior doors and more.

You can also narrow your search to the type of Lockwood lock you're after, including chain locks, deadbolts, double cylinders, single cylinders, flush bolts, thumb turn locks, keyless locks and electronic locks.

Keyless entry solutions

Need to secure residential, commercial or industrial premises? Does your premises need to be safe and sound while staying accessible for a high volume of staff, clients or residents? Want to save money on the cost and administration effort of providing keys? Keyless locks could be the solution.

Keyless locks dispense with keys and rely instead on a code, which can be entered mechanically or digitally. Keyless entries make it easy to keep your premises secure despite high turn-over rates. By updating access privileges on a regular basis, you can ensure that the only people who can get into the building are the people who you want to grant access to. Keyless entries also cut out the cost of changing the locks in response to security threats like lost keys.

Lockwood manufactures both mechanical keypad locks and electronic keypad locks. Electronic locks provide even more security for sites with high access by allowing you to set temporary codes for short-term visitors and tradespeople. You can even purchase electronic keypad locks with key override in case of unexpected power failure or lockout.

Full range available

Browse the full range of Lockwood door locks and lock mechanisms on eBay today. There is something for every home or business requirement. You'll also find a great selection of window locks and padlocks. Whatever you need, eBay has it.