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Logitech Computer Speakers

Logitech specialises in computer speakers and multimedia speakers, suitable for connection to computers, laptops and music players. Logitech computer speakers offer superior sound quality at affordable prices. Both wireless and wired options are available.


Logitech computer speakers come in a variety of shapes and designs, from typical speaker shapes to modern, curved designs. Some computer speakers have an iPod or music player docking station. Some have a subwoofer. Typically, one computer speaker will have an on/off switch as well as a volume control dial. Most computer speakers plug into the audio jack of computers, laptops and music players, but some are wireless. While most Logitech computer speakers are black, others can range from white to blue to purple and to orange.


Logitech computer speakers generally come in set of two, three, or six speaker components. The two set system offers basic stereo. The three set system adds a bass speaker or a subwoofer to heighten sound quality and add additional immersion. Finally, the six set system enables full surround sound, with five stereo speakers intended to be placed in front of and behind the user and a subwoofer to ensure maximum sound quality.

Bluetooth Computer Speakers

Some Logitech speakers are Bluetooth enabled, allowing them to be set up without the need to worry about wiring. This lets the user arrange their computer speakers in a wider variety of positions, such as on top of shelving or any other location where cables would not necessarily reach. A Bluetooth audio adaptor can be purchased to stream music to computer speakers and is easy to set up.

Audio Jack Computer Speakers

Logitech computer speakers that require an audio jack are perhaps the most common. The speakers come with all the required cabling to plug into the audio jack of computers, laptops and media players. The computer speakers will also need to be plugged into an outlet. Some speakers use USB connections.