Logitech Mechanical Computer Keyboards & Keypads


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Logitech Mechanical Computer Keyboards

Logitech are renowned for their high-quality, premium computer parts and accessories. Their mechanical computer keyboards are perfect for typists and gamers that are reliant on speed, performance and responsiveness.

Special Features of Logitech Mechanical Keyboards

When considering which Logitech mechanical computer keyboard to buy, it is important to consider the special features available on various models. Illuminated keyboards are ideal for using when there is limited light available or for people with reduced eyesight. It’s also a good idea to consider whether a wireless or wired mechanical keyboard keypad is beneficial for you. Some newer Logitech mechanical computer keyboards come with built-in smartphone docks, allowing you to charge and access your phone right next to your computer without having to use a USB slot or charging port.

Logitech Mechanical Computer Keyboard Customisation

Models such as the Logitech G910 Orion offer the ability to customise each individual key light using a palette with a spectrum of over 16.8 million colours, giving you nearly infinite personalisation options. The Logitech 6810 Orion comes with 9 functionable 'G' keys, allowing you to access specifically chosen macros and commands on demand.