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MREs & Freeze-Dried Food

Nourishment for the active with MREs and freeze-dried food

If you are camping, exploring, hiking, sailing or involved in any other outside activity that requires instant nourishment without the need for cooking, MREs, freeze-dried, dehydrated and dried food may well be your choice as a source of energy and nutrition and moreover replacements for full meals whilst keeping active at any time of year.

Choose your favourite food

MREs were made for the military but can now be purchased by everyone. As these foods were made for the soldier, they are high in energy. Although they can be eaten cold, theyre meant to be heated over a flameless heater, exposed to the sun for 20 minutes, or kept close to the body when active.

An MRE pack contains breakfast, lunch, and dinner, like muesli, instant noodles, and chicken. There are also many varieties of snacks available and a peppermint flavoured chewing gum.

Freeze-dried food packs are packed in nitrogen flushed heavy duty foil pouches so the food is kept safe for up to three years. You simply add water to the dry mix and within 10 minutes, you are ready to eat your already prepared meal.

One of the most popular brands includes Back Country Cuisine. Amongst their many meals, you can have Kung Pao chicken, Moroccan lamb, Thai chicken curry, and classic beef curry. For those with a sweet, there is apple pie, ice cream dessert and apricot crumble.

Have the perfect brekky on the go with Back Country Cuisine cooked breakfast. For the vegetarians, theres instant mixed vegetables, alongside many other vegetarian meals to choose from, including vegetable stir fry.

Dehydrated food lasts for so long as all the water is removed from the contents of the food. There is a variety of Korean food including spicy beef soup and Chinese fried rice. Dehydrated fruit is also popular with mango and guava being popular.