Long Sleeve Casual Shirts for Men

Mens Long Sleeve Casual Shirts

Long sleeve casual shirts for men are great for everyday wear, especially in the fall and winter. Most of these shirts go well with blue jeans, as well as dress trousers. These men’s long sleeve shirts come in a wide variety of styles, so you can find some that complement your unique style. Let them help you create a number of different outfits.

Men’s Button-Front Long Sleeve Casual Shirts

Men’s button-front long sleeve casual shirts feature button closures that go all the way down the fronts of the tops. These shirts also feature collars, and most of them have buttons on the cuffs. This allows you to easily roll up the sleeves. This is ideal when the weather warms up after dressing, or for creating a more casual look. Some of these button shirts have no pockets, while others have one or two breast pockets.

Men’s Henley Long Sleeve Casual Shirts

Mens henley long sleeve casual shirts feature two or three buttons extending downwards from the necklines. Unlike button-front shirts, henley shirts do not have collars. Most are cotton or cotton blends, but you can also find them in polyester.

Men’s Long Sleeve Casual T-Shirts

Men’s long sleeve casual T-shirts are very comfortable for everyday wear. They do not have collars or any buttons. You can find long sleeve T-shirts in solid colours or with patterns. Some also feature words or graphics. It is also common to find men’s long sleeve casual T-shirts with brand names and logos printed on them.

Men’s Rugby Long Sleeve Casual Shirts

Men’s rugby long sleeve casual shirts are pullover shirts with collars and three or four buttons. Some of them are a solid colour, but many have stripes, or collars that are different colours than the rest of the shirts. Most are available in cotton, cotton blend and polyester.

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