Long Sleeve Fishing Shirts & Tops

Which long sleeve fishing shirt is right for you?

For the avid angler, choosing gear is a dedicated process. Being confident and comfortable with your gear is vital, and this is especially important when it comes to clothing. Layering your clothing is always a good idea for varying weather conditions throughout a long day of fishing. A long sleeve fishing shirt is a necessity when layering up, and there's a style to fit every fisher.

You can find men's long sleeve fishing shirts in a variety of styles and materials. While cotton, nylon, and microfibre are the most common materials for long sleeve fishing shirts, choosing the right material for you is a matter of weather conditions and personal preference. Cotton is a favourite for those who want to keep the sun off of their skin and keep cool. Cotton is breathable and absorbent, helping you stay cool and dry on warmer fishing afternoons. Nylon is lightweight and durable, which may be important for those who find their current gear wearing out quickly. While microfibre also stands up to everyday wear and tear, it's also known to wick moisture away from the skin. If you commonly find yourself damp or soggy while fishing, microfibre is a good choice for you. One more feature to consider when purchasing a long sleeve fishing shirt is whether you prefer a vented back. A vented back will allow the breeze to flow through and prevent hot air from being trapped, but may increase the price slightly.

Men's long sleeve fishing shirts come in a variety of styles and colours. Just like your favourite rod and reel or your go-to fishing waders, it's all about finding the right style for you. While one fisher might enjoy showing off his or her personality with a printed shirt, others may find solid, neutral-coloured shirts more suitable. If you have an item you need readily at hand while you fish, such as glasses, a shirt with a front pocket might suit you.

Browse the large variety of fishing shirts and tops on eBay and find a long sleeve fishing shirt to fit every angler's needs and preferences.