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Longboard Surfboards

Looking to start catching some waves? Live your surfing dream with a longboard surfboard! Ebay has a fantastic range of surfboards for all ages and abilities, and at some excellent prices. Browse the selection on eBay today.

Longboards, according to the Hawaiians, are any surfboards taller than 3 inches of the rider. There are some great advantages to riding these bigger boards, which makes up for having to carry it around! Bigger and longer boards provide extra power and speed when paddling, and also weigh more which aids in gaining momentum when riding a wave. Longboards are ideal for smaller, slower waves, so could be a good idea if you havent been surfing for long. These boards can be used in a broader range of conditions, so you can have fun even in 1ft and mushy waves. This opens up your rideable days to more potential days of the year.

Using a longboard surfboard

A significant point of difference with a longboard is the ability to use the front 1/3 of the board, which is not used often on regular boards. Once you get to grips with the basics of surfing, then you can start to make the most of this ability. You can ride the nose, cross your feet over, and generally look like a pro! Surfing with a longboard should be a fun, relaxing way to ride the waves. You can take in your surroundings and enjoy the sun!

Choosing a longboard

When looking for a longboard, consider base size for stability, fins, nose scoops, foam, stringers, shape and leg ropes. You can also find longboards in a variety of and colours to make sure yours stands out on the beach. Whether youre looking for an illustrated, modern orvintage surfboard, make sure you check out whats available on eBay today.

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