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Love To Dream Baby Swaddles

Sweet Dreams Start with Swaddles

While no one is ever likely to know what babies dream about, it is possible to tell how well they are sleeping. A good indicator of not sleeping well, is of course, the very loud screaming that accompanies a child awake in the night. For newborn babies, swaddling can provide a way to help babies sleep better, while staying warm and snuggly. Swaddling can help soothe babies, making them feel safe. And while some parents worry about diminishing their baby’s range of movement, swaddling can actually help them develop better motor skill organisation. On top of that, swaddling babies can help reduce crying, while also encouraging them to sleep longer.

Love to Dream Baby Swaddles

A traditional baby swaddle involves a blanket and a fair bit of know-how. An alternative option is the Love to Dream baby swaddle bag. Looking similar to a sleeping bag, the swaddle bag works in much the same way as a traditional swaddle, but it is much easier to deal with. Simply zip the baby in, and it’s done. Love to Dream baby swaddles come in three stages, corresponding to the age of the baby. Stage 1 is for babies aged zero to four months. Unlike traditional swaddles, which keep babies arms across their chest or by their side, this swaddle allows babies arms to remain up, replicating their position in the womb.

Stage 2 is for babies aged four to eight months, and is designed to transition babies from being swaddled to being more free – perfect for when they start rolling over. In this swaddle, babies legs are swaddled, but their arms can be freed with removable wings. Stage 3 can be used by babies and children aged four to 36 months. Working more as a sleep bag, this helps little ones stay warm through the night, without the need for a blanket. Interested? Check out eBay’s amazing range of nursery bedding, including nursery bedding sets, nursery blankets and throws, and of course, Love to Dream baby swaddles.