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Low Voltage Walkway & Path Lights

Low Voltage Walkway and Path Lights

Most homes come with lawns, gardens and front and back yards that should be kept watered, trimmed, and clean. Besides that, lawns and their pathways can use some type of outdoor lighting that can serve as décor during the day and safety lights at night.

Types of Walkway Lights

There are several options of outdoor garden lights that one can apply to their lawns and yards, such as decorative standing lamps, spotlight lamps and string lights. Decorative standing lamps are ideal for pathways that lead up to the house. Spotlight lamps can be directed towards any direction to adjust the lighting design on pathways. String lights, on the other hand, are more decorative in function.

Functions of Pathway Lights

Pathway lights come in a variety of options that can either be energy-efficient or optimised for better lighting such as low voltage garden lights. For example, some lights turn on only when there is movement like motion sensor outdoor lighting. This ensures energy-saving practices while also applying security measures for your home. Others come in a variety of colours and are also waterproof like solar walkway and path lights. They can be used for events, especially when the weather becomes unpredictable.

The Rise of Solar Power

Most retailers offer solar-powered lights because they automatically turn on at night, while using the energy it saved up during the daylight hours. Some have dual power sources in case there is no sunshine to provide the energy for such lights. Solar powered walkway lights come in the form of decorative lamps, string lights and motion sensor lights. When using solar powered lights, the panels should face the direction in which the sun is at its hottest which is usually east and west. This will ensure full optimisation of the solar powered feature of the lights.

Walkway Light Designs

When looking for the ideal decorative design for low voltage path lights, one can choose from a few popular choices like flickering lamps, halfmoon lamps, fairy lights and more. Some look like torches, while others look like flowers. Choosing the design will be based on the overall aesthetic of one’s lawn. Beautiful gardens should feature decorative designs like classic lamp shades, spotlights and fairy lights. For a more functional design, low voltage walkway lights and motion sensor lights can do the job exceptionally as well.

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