For over 100 years, Ludwig has been creating quality drum kits to keep your passion for percussion beating. 

Ludwig is one of the biggest drum and percussion brands in the world, and for a good reason - the unrestrained style, design, and sound is unequivocally their own. This small Chicago company has grown by serving drummers and the art of beat-crafting with unbridled performance, quality, and sound. Whether you are new to the world of drumming or a seasoned pro, Ludwig has the right kit for you at a great price. 

Build an entire kit from scratch or grab the pieces you need to expand your options with the range of Ludwig Drum and Percussion Instruments on eBay. From snares, toms and kicks to a variety of hand-held percussion instruments like tambourines and accessories like foot pedals, Ludwig has you completely covered. Create an entire kit or percussion station all from Ludwig products for superior quality. 

If you are starting out and looking to hit the ground running, start with quality. Ludwig complete drum sets give you style (you have to look good on stage) and a sound that will inspire you to create and expand your skill set. Play better if you sound better, and with Ludwig, that's the only option. 

The art of drumming is heavily reliant on quality tools and Ludwig has been supplying drummers some of the best on the market for years. Their mahogany inlaid kits have been used by prominent artists like Buddy Guy, Cake, and Lord Huron and you can bring that professional sound into your rehearsal room for a great price with Ludwig and eBay right now!