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Balance your Bags with Luggage Scales

There's nothing worse than that sinking feeling you get when you realise your bag is over the airline weight limit. To avoid paying the extra fees or trying to move items from your hold luggage to your cabin bag in the middle of the airport, invest in some luggage scales and travel stress-free.

If you've always relied on your own judgement, or attempting to balance your bags on your wobbly bathroom scale, you'll be sure to reap the benefits of switching up your methods with a luggage scale. A specialised luggage scale will easily and precisely weigh your baggage and display its accurate weight for your travel peace of mind. By simply hanging your luggage from the strap provided, you'll have its correct weight in seconds, meaning that you have more time to enjoy your holiday. Browse this selection of luggage scales to find your ideal travel companion for a great price.

Portable luggage scales

As souvenir shopping is a fun part of being on holiday, bring on the gifts for family and friends by knowing exactly how much weight you have to spare. Using a luggage scale before you fly, and by packing a portable travel scale, you can also make sure your luggage is within the weight requirements for your return home. A compact model is lightweight enough to fit comfortably into your cabin baggage without taking up too much room. Portable scales can weigh as little as 0.01 kilograms, so they are perfect for popping in your bag.

Digital technology

A digital luggage scale will give you the clearest and most precise weight of your luggage. A backlit electronic LCD display ensures you can check your bag in even the dimmest light. Choose a digital scale that will alert you to low battery or luggage overload to ensure you don't miss a trick. Models with auto power-off and rechargeable batteries can be the most cost-effective over the years, seeing you through many happy holidays.