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Luxor Bedding Sheet

One of the most important factors in the quality of your daily life is the quality of your sleep. With a Luxor bedding sheet, you can rest easy on a warm, soft sheet that'll quickly and comfortably bring you into dreamland. Whether you're taking a nap, relaxing with a book or a movie, or settling down to sleep at night, Luxor bed sheets are what you need for a restful night.

Egyptian Cotton

Cotton is one of the most common fabrics in the world, and for good reason; it's soft, durable, and relatively inexpensive. If you want to treat yourself and your mattress, look at Egyptian cotton bedding sheets. It starts with hand picking the plants, which puts less stress on the fibres, giving you long, fine yarns that result in softer, stronger cotton. Additionally, Egyptian cotton sheets are very pure, allowing for deeper, brighter coloured sheets.


One of the big advantages Luxor satin bedding sheets have over other materials is, surprisingly, its synthetic design; because of these synthetics, fabrics like satin hold more heat, making them ideal winter bedding. The synthetic fibres are also responsible for the luxurious, silky feel of satin, adding more than just a hint of class to your regular mattress.

Bedding Sets

Luxor bedding sheets are a good start, but you need more than just the sheets to be warm and cozy in your bed, and you can purchase and peruse Luxor bedding sets, or get certain items separately. You can match your sheets to your pillow cases, or invest in a richly coloured doona comforter. Complete your bed's set with complementing bed skirts, throw pillow cases, or throw blankets.

Colours & Patterns

Sheets come in virtually every colour and pattern, and you can sleep on a sheet that's your personal favourite colour, or on one that helps to tie the room together. There are simple, solid-coloured sheets with no frills, in red, sea foam green, white and beige, and various shades of blue. You can also choose striped sheets in similar colours, or embroidered sheets with pattern and monogram embroidery.

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