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The makeup range favoured by makeup artists, M.A.C celebrates the power of self-expression and individuality in its expansive range of makeup and skincare. No matter your style, colour, gender or age, M.A.C is for you. Start shopping the extensive range of professional quality makeup today on eBay. 

The beauty cult brand, M.A.C was founded in 1984 by makeup artist Frank Angelo and photographer Frank Toscan when they became frustrated with how the makeup at the time looked in photos. Starting off by creating the cosmetics in their kitchen and selling on to fellow makeup artists, fashion editors, and models the popularity soon grew to form a truly iconic brand that the whole world loves today. 

Its brand identity has never changed, always honouring individuality and expressionism it even became a hit on the drag and theatre scene. Its Viva Glam lipstick collection fronted by the likes of Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj is the company’s charitable focus to helping raise money for HIV/AIDS organisations globally.   

They often have collaborations with huge name celebrities such as Rihanna, Lorde and Ariana Grande to name a few. As well as enhancing its relevance with new and existing fans, MAC makeup is featured at fashion week shows around the world working with all the high end designers. 

Whether you’re looking to achieve a dramatic eye with a new eyeshadow or restock on your favourite foundation, you can be sure to find the right M.A.C product for you here on eBay.