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MGP Scooter

Make your shredders day with the latest MADD Gear MGP scooter. MADD Gear are known for mixing business with pleasure and getting the job done. Established in 2002 by Mike Horne, MADD Gear MGP scooters are created specifically for Aussie kids with the Aussie lifestyle in mind. Were iconic for our outdoor sports, includingBMX bikesandskateboarding, and in 2010 MADD Gear took Australia to the forefront of scooters as well by exploding into the USA, UK, and European markets.

MADD Gear MGP scooters are rigorously tested and developed, bringing to market the highest quality products. Independent laboratories are used to test MGP scooters to ensure compliance with all legislation and regulations. The MADD Gear head office is still located in Australia, so you know youre getting Aussie quality assurance, and theyre actively involved in sponsoring events, participating in fundraisers, and supporting youth development initiatives so you know MADD Gear MGP scooters come from a company with heart!

MADD Gear MGP scooters are available in a number of different styles, colours, and models. They offer the mini scooter, for the young shredder. The pro scooter, which is the original model that started the company yet that has continued to evolve and set the standard for entry level pro scooters. The mini pro scooter, which is for the more experienced young rider. The nitro scooter, which is slightly longer and wider than the pro scooter, and without all the flashy graphics and bright colours. The extreme scooter gives the rider an option for a limited edition wrap, for a truly unique style. Its slightly taller, wider, longer, and lighter than the pro scooter. Whichever MADD Gear MGP scooter youre looking for, youre sure to find it right here on eBay. Buy today and go big on one of the most bulletproof scooters to hit the streets.