Help the environment, save on petrol and above all, have fun with MGP Push Scooters! 

Adults and children all over the world love scooters, the easy and fun way to get around that folds up when you get to your destination! MGP is a Melbourne based company bringing Australia's outdoor culture to the world. The first to develop the "Pro Scooter," MGP offers design, quality, and affordability to kids and adults everywhere. They build their products with passion and attention to detail while pushing the boundaries of what the world of scooting can offer. 

Kids will love the varied designs of MGP Push Scooters and adults will love their price! Scooters are a great way to get the kids outside, be active and have fun with their friends, and are easy to learn for young children who are getting their heads around balance and steering! Models like The VX9 Shredder Stunt Scooter are designed with the younger rider in mind and features like its shorter deck and lower bars; it makes riding easy! 

The high-quality materials used in MGP Scooters make for a durable, long-lasting set of wheels that will provide endless hours of fun. MGP even delve into the world of electric scooters which can provide a cheap and easy commute for adults and a lot of fun for the older kids! 

Find a range of MGP Scooter designs on eBay at extremely low prices and make everyone's commute a little more enjoyable! Perfect for helping kids get to school on time or even just weekend fun at the skatepark, scoot one to your home today!