Become the envy of all your music friends

Robert Moog, an American engineer, was a pioneer of electronic music. If you're looking for a Moog musical synthesiser then you've come to the right place to pick up a little Moog gem here on eBay.

The Theremin

At the age of 20, Bob Moog, along with his father, started building and selling the Theremin. The Theremin is an electronic musical instrument that you control without physical contact, and you can still buy these today on eBay. It was 1963 that saw the first Moog modular synthesiser. The subsequent 37 CV analogue synthesiser is a wonderful collectors' piece. This limited edition synth is a redesign of the ultra powerful sub 37 tribute edition, at only 2000 pieces worldwide, it is an enthusiast's dream.


If you are new to the world of pro audio synthesisers you can pick up the Moog Sub Phatty analogue synthesiser. This synth has sixteen professionally, engineered presets, you can tweak each of the filter poles and pitch blend of the preset by using the 31 knobs. Alternatively, you can do your own thing and start from scratch, creating a waveform all of your own. If you are a lover of all things vintage the Minimoog model D synth, memorymoog synth and the micromoog will be the envy of all your Moog music friends. Keep a special eye out for these old treasures here on eBay.


As with any other products you will always have the need for some accessories, on eBay, you will find Moog synthesiser accessories to complete your synth kits. The interestingly named Moogerfooger range includes pedals, low pass filters, ring modulators and cluster flux which is made to work with all sound sources. As a Moog fan, you know that you will get the variety and quality from your synthesiser that will transport you to another dimension. Start your search here today on eBay.