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MP3 Player Cassette Adapters

MP3 Player Cassette Adapters

Are you up to date with your MP3 player but not quite there in your car? Are you looking for a way to play your favourite digital music mixes? A cassette adapter might be just the ticket.

Car Adapters

For the most part, MP3 player cassette adapters are best for the car. At home, youre bound to find more direct ways to play music through your stereo system. On the other hand, in a car youve only got so many input options. Plugging into the cassette deck is far more convenient than buying a new car, and this way you get to listen to your old mix tapes too!

How Cassette Adapters Work

Cassette adapters are a simple way to get your tunes through your cars speakers, but how do they work? In short youre:

buying a cassette case that will fit inside the tape deck, but with an AUX cord

plugging the AUX cord into your device, which sends the electronic signal to the internal write head that converts it to the magnetic field your cassette deck can play.

Other Ways to Play MP3s in the Car

If you dont have a cassette deck to plug into, never fear. You might have an AUX plug on your car stereo, in which case all youll need is a MP3 player car audio cable. If not, you can still have your digital tunes in your car. Try an MP3 player audio dock and mini speaker to get tunes. Its still less expensive than a new car!

Other Uses

Of course, you may prefer the sound of old cassettes in your car stereo. There are also MP3 adapters that will allow you to record your digital tracks onto cassette. It might be just the thing for your parents who doesnt want the hassle of an MP3 player.

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