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MSI Computer Motherboard

If the processor is your computer's brain, the motherboard is its nervous system. Every internal and external component connects to the computer motherboard in one way or another. From processors that plug directly into the motherboard socket to monitors that plug into a graphics card that attaches to the motherboard, it's the great information superhighway that makes computing possible. MSI computer motherboards offer both power and performance for all different types of computer users.

Motherboards and Sockets

The first factor to consider when looking at a new motherboard should always be what processors it supports. Not only do Intel and AMD processors use different processor interfaces, but different generations of processors within each line also use different interfaces. The current AMD Ryzen chip uses the AM4 socket, while previous Phenom processors used the AM3+. Intel is no better, with different LGA sockets for different generations of Core processors.

Choosing Motherboards

The easiest way not bury yourself under an avalanche of different MSI computer components and parts choices is to look for an MSI computer motherboard and CPU combo. That way you can be sure two of the most important parts work together. Graphics cards and hard drives work across most platforms, RAM is also usually pretty easy to match as well. Get the hard part out of the way with a combo.

Gaming Motherboards

MSI gaming motherboards like the Arsenal series give you the most out of your computer. They are overclocker-friendly, with lots of room for oversize coolers and large video cards. They often come in larger form factors with enough expansion slots for multiple graphics cards.

Mainstream Motherboards

Mainstream motherboards have a different purpose than those aimed at gaming enthusiasts. Most feature onboard video and smaller form factors. People building computers around these MSI motherboards want reliability and functionality. A gamer will buy an add-on video card, while a web-surfer will be happy to use the onboard graphics that came built-in.