Add some Macallan to your whisky collection

Macallan is renowned for producing a vast portfolio of outstanding quality Scotch whisky with distinct flavours. In this range, you will find a fantastic collection from Macallan, including bottles of different volumes and ages, and both new and old releases.

A bottle of Macallan is a great birthday or Christmas gift for the whisky-lover in your life, and the well-known brand will really make them smile on their special day. If you're shopping, browse the wide range of whisky for an old favourite, or even try something new in your whisky glass.


Macallan varieties include Sherry Oak, Double Cask, Fine Oak, The 1824 Master Series, The Quest Collection, and The 1824 Collection, as well as Limited Releases of rare single malts, so you're sure to find the perfect whisky for your taste.

Using specially imported sherry seasoned oak casks from Spain, the Sherry Oak range from Macallan is one of the most popular varieties. Ranging from 12-year-old bottles to 40-year-old bottles, this range is perfectly balanced with wood smoke and spice for a bold, distinctive flavour.

The Fine Oak range offers a lighter style of Macallan whisky, blending the flavours of vanilla, citrus, and coconut for a fresher taste. If you love whisky-based cocktails, try a 10-year old fine oak for a soft and malty taste with hints of oak and fruit.

The coveted 1824 Series comes in four colours, Gold, Amber, Sienna, and Ruby, and uses 100 percent sherry oak casks to create beautiful, natural colours with bold flavours. The Ruby features ginger, nutmeg, and orange for a rich and luxurious drinking experience. The Sienna is a little lighter, balancing fresh apples with sweet vanilla and oak for a smooth finish.

The elegantly-bottled Oscuro from Macallan's 1824 Collection is a truly decadent whisky. Made exclusively in barrels seasoned with Spanish Oloroso Sherry, this whisky is blended with natural spring water from deep holes under the Macallan Estate itself, before being left to mature for six months before it is bottled.