Machine Washable Dog Beds

Machine Washable Dog Beds

Choosing a good god bed for your best friend is not an easy task. The bed should be nice and comfortable for prolonged use, but also washable, to prevent bacteria and odours from building up. Some materials offer natural breathability which helps combat bacteria and odours, however, no material can handle your dog after it decides to take a dive in a pond or roll into a puddle of mud. Machine washable dog beds are very practical and they come in a range of designs and materials.

Dog Size

Always consider the size of the dog when choosing a dog bed. Machine washable dog sofas are very stylish, but they take up a lot of space and they usually facilitate the needs of smaller dogs. Dog mattresses are an excellent alternative for larger breeds and they can be machine washable as well. Determining the right length of mattress or sofa for your dog involves measuring the dogs length in a laying position and adding a few inches of extra space for comfort. Machine washable cushion dog beds and nests are more universal, as dogs curl up when they sleep on them. These beds are more compact and work well when you have limited space. Determining the right cushion or nest size involves measuring your dogs diameter when curled up and adding inches for comfort.

Indoor or Outdoor Use

Selecting the right machine washable dog bed requires a careful consideration of its primary use. Models designed for outdoor use can be placed in your home as well, but not all indoor models are weather-proof. The cover material of the bed might be hard enough to withstand nail scratching and biting, but its interior construction might not be tough enough to endure all weather conditions.

Additional Features

Even though the materials are washable, an excellent feature to look for is stain resistance. Its hard to constantly pay attention to what your dog tracks through, so invest in stain resistant covers and dont worry about dark spots coming off in the next wash. Access to the filling via zipper can also come in handy, as you might want to wash it separately or replace it entirely after several years of use.

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