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Mackie Pro Audio Speakers & Monitors

Mackie Pro Audio Speakers and Monitors

Founded in 1988, Mackie has been developing and manufacturing pro audio equipment for several decades. The companys audio products are used around the world in clubs, at concerts and in studios. Besides Mackie mixers and recording equipment, the company offers loudspeakers, PA systems and studio monitor speakers.

Mackie Loudspeakers

A number of portable loudspeaker models are available in the brands lineup. Mackie Thump loudspeakers offer a powerful low end in a package that is light and portable and includes a built-in three-band EQ. The SRM line of PA speakers are built around an all-wood design and feature speaker modes to quickly switch settings for different applications. For larger events, Mackie offers the powerful HD series of loudspeakers. These high-definition speakers use a patented acoustic correction system for higher quality sound. Other notable models include the portable DLM loudspeaker that includes a three-band EQ and 16 built-in effects as well as the iP Series, which is designed specifically for installed systems.

Mackie Portable PA Systems

While several models are portable, there are two notable Mackie portable PA speakers : the Reach system and the FreePlay unit. Users can control either model via Mackies mobile app and support wireless streaming. In addition, the Reach unit features a built-in 6-channel digital mixer and stage monitoring.

Mackie Studio Monitors

Studio speakers must offer distortion-free sound so audio engineers can clearly hear every detail in the studio, and Mackie studio monitors meet these needs, with each offering high-quality sound ideal for studio use. For instance, the HRmk2 studio speakers build on the success of the earlier HR speakers while introducing features to improve the quality of sound. Other examples include the XR series, which uses a Kevlar woofer for detailed bass notes, and the MR series, which features controls to optimise the monitors for different studio environments.