Strike a pose in a new women's Madonna costume from eBay

If there's one person whose career is practically crying out to be used as inspiration for you next fancy dress or other costume party, it's none other than Madonna. Throughout her amazing time in the spotlight, this iconic American performer struck plenty of poses that work well when you're trying to disguise yourself for a party. eBay is home to dozens of fun women's Madonna costumes that can have you looking great and ready for fun.

Madonna comes in many shapes and forms

Madonna, considered by many to be the Queen of Pop, shot to stardom in the 80s and has stayed in the public eye since then. Known for her amazing performances as well as her boundary-pushing style, you can surely do a lot worse than emulating her when it's time to dress up!

Choose from a range of Madonna costumes, including many looks from her Material Girl and Vogue days. This pop diva sported tons of fun skirts and even a classic pointed brassiere that you can throw on next time you're headed to a mate's costume party.

Other dress up options from eBay

Adding some key costume accessories can really bring your outfit together. Perhaps a microphone to really steal the show? And if you're going with a male mate or partner, have him check out our excellent range of men’s costumes to find something that suits his sense of style and fun.

Let the Queen of Pop inspire you the next time it's time to dress up. Whether it's for an 80s or 90s party or simply a broad costume theme, you'll be able to transform yourself into one of the biggest music stars ever quickly and easily with the help of eBay.