MagLite is the only light you need

Maglite has been around since 1979, producing professional quality flashlights that are a favourite of those on the force. Chances are you know someone who owns a Maglite flashlight, and theres a reason theyre so popular. Durable, dependable and featuring the latest LED technology, youll find a huge selection of Maglites to choose from so the only problem youll have is deciding which model you want.

Portable or professional

From the portable mini Maglite to the Pro heavy duty Maglite D Cell, theres a huge range of flashlights to choose from. Youll find Maglite camping and hiking flashlights have plenty of colours and designs on offer too, whether youre after a simple black or silver torch or a colourful camo design flashlight.

Thats illuminating

Its all about how many lumens your torch has, as thats what affects its brightness. If its a keyring flashlight youre after for occasional use, something like the Maglite Solitaire, with 177 lumens, will probably suffice. It features an easy on off twist function that makes using it really simple. For those who want to shed a little more light in the darkness, the Mini Maglite Pro has the same easy on off functionality but with 272 lumens. Then, of course, there are heavy duty Maglite LED flashlight and pro torches to choose from, all great for use at home or at work. Whether youre patrolling on nights as a security guard or theres a power cut at your home, youll always have plenty of light.

Everything you need in one place

Youll find everything you need for your Maglite torch with accessories like LED upgrade bulbs, C cell, D cell, and AA single use batteries as well as MagChargers for your rechargeable flashlight. Youll find everything you need and more for your MagLite flashlight here on eBay.