Magazine Racks

Magazine Racks

Magazine racks add a layer of personality to any room, be it a waiting room, bathroom, living room, or bedroom. Because there are a limitless variety to choose from, there’s a good chance you’ll find the perfect one for your home organisation needs.

Steel Racks

Handmade magazine racks are often made of steel because of the material’s malleability during construction and resultant durability. This allows for unique designs that can stand the test of time—with a coat of paint, that is. Many steel magazine racks feature a basket design complete with handle and feet. Usually designed in such a way that the feet, handle, and basket are all part of one unit, the result is an attractive and solid piece.

Woven Racks

Magazine racks made of woven materials like rattan, willow, and bamboo result in a sturdy wicker rack. These are perfect for keeping the coffee table clutter-free while adding colourful accents to the room. If the floor you are placing the rack on is dark, make sure the rack itself is dark as well so it blends in. While it’s not a hard and fast rule, racks are only supposed to be noticeable when you need to reach for a magazine.

Other Unbranded Racks

Magazine racks are usually those handcrafted by a hobbyist or produced by an independent woodworking shop. Regardless, these kinds offer exceptional variety. Vintage racks include those made of solid mahogany in a basket design with a small tabletop for other decor to sit on. Others use a folder design that makes them look like the letter 'V' and imparts a modern feel wherever you place it.

Other Designs

Some versatile magazine rack designs include ones made of canvas that attach to a couch’s armrests. They also feature additional pockets for remotes and video game controllers for added function but remain discreet all the while. Others are made of plastic and attach to a wall.