A huge range of new and vintage magazines

Perfect for collectors and magazine lovers alike, the range of books, comics and magazines on eBay is huge. From old to new, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

Perfect for collectors

Are you a magazine collector? Always searching for a unique gem from the history of magazine publishing? Well, there’s a good chance you’ll find something interesting here on eBay. You’ll find vintage and antiquarian magazines, old issues of automotive magazines, fashion publications and even the Australian staples like New Idea and Who Weekly. Even if you’re not a collector, these types of vintage magazines are great for revisiting the past. Vintage magazines also make great gifts if you want to give your friends and family a reminder of their youth!

Puzzle magazines
There’s no better way to keep the mind active than with word puzzles. We’ve been lucky over the years to see several monthly publications of crossword and puzzle magazines, and you can find them right here on eBay. From older books to the newest editions, they’re all here waiting to get your mind ticking!

Music magazines

Do you love music, or take a keen interest in particular bands? One of music’s big achievements is featuring on the cover of Rolling Stone. So, if you collect memorabilia, finding the issues of the biggest music magazines featuring your favourite artists is a great way to build up your collection.

Sports memorabilia

One of the popular magazines on offer here is the AFL Footy Record. A publication that comes out weekly for AFL games, this is a popular item among collectors of sports memorabilia. You can find all sorts of footy records here on eBay, including the most recent round as well as plenty of classics. If you follow a particular team, it’s great to look for footy records from their premiership years. The great thing is, you can tailor your search by year, so if there’s a particularly memorable or important week in your team’s history, you might be able to add that week’s footy record to your collection.