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Magellan GPS

Know where you are at all times with Magellan GPS

A Magellan GPS is a thing of quality. The Magellan brand has been known for many, many years as a top name in GPS navigation systems, but is perhaps best known today as a maker of handheld devices for hikers, explorers and anyone who needs to know exactly where they are in the world when they are on out on foot, away from a car or vehicle.

Essentially, each Magellan GPS device is a GPS receiver unit which calculates your exact position on the earth by triangulating your position relative to 2 or more satellites orbiting overhead. It is a low power unit, as it does not have to transmit to satellites in orbit, only to detect their radio signals. This allows GPS receivers to have long battery lives, and to accept a full charge quickly.

Of course, these devices can do more than tell you where you are. Most come preloaded with a variety of free road and topographic maps and other information which can help you find where you need to be. Many allow you to set custom waypoints, and can direct you both to those and to points of interest (POI). As an accurate clock is integral to the devices GPS function, it can also tell you the time and date.

There are numerous Magellan chargers and batteries available including a car charger so your GPS can be used to plan your driving route, but their sleek ergonomic design means they are best suited when you are trekking through the country. Most have a loop at the bottom to attach it to your person. Megallan GPS accessories may include cases, dash mounts and more. Many models will give you the option to view maps in 2D or 3D form allowing you to get a better understanding of the surrounding area.

Whatever your needs, whether you enjoy a good hike or youre off on a drive to somewhere youve never been, a Magellan GPS can make you sure of where youre going with accurate satellite navigation.