Mix up a storm with Magic Bullet

There are a lot of food processors on the market, so it's hard to choose one product unless you're after a juice and smoothie blender. When it comes to cross blade appliances, the Magic Bullet offers some serious functionality. You can find various different models and associated accessories here on eBay, letting you get juicing as soon as possible.

Tall Cups and Stay Fresh Lids

You may already have a Magic Bullet and everyday use has worn out some of the parts. Rather than ditching the whole appliance look for a replacement Tall Cup or Stay Fresh Lid. They're designed to fit perfectly on the Magic Bullet base, and will seamlessly integrate with the other components. Get more life out of your Magic Bullet small kitchen appliance and get back to spending more time in the kitchen mixing up nutritional beverages.

Party Bullet

If your household is party central on the weekends and you're always concocting cocktails to ply your friends with, the Magic Party Bullet can help you become a pro mixologist. The power of the blending blade can smash through citrus fruits and ice so you can serve up strawberry daiquiris in record time with no chopping necessary. This magnificent 18-piece set includes a cocktail shaker, pouring jugs, drink receptacles, and a free mix master recipe book.

11-Piece Blender set

You can't beat the original 11-piece Magic Bullet blender set when it comes to fast and easy food prep. The 250w powerful motor chops, dices, grates, blends, and grinds its way through your ingredients in less than 10 seconds. If you like an ultra-fine fruit juice or multivitamin boosted smoothie, this Magic Bullet countertop blender is your most trusted and reliable kitchen aid. Furthermore, you get two resealable lids that fit on the cups so you can store your beverages in the fridge, keeping them fresher for longer.