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Magnificent magic collectables

Magic collectables allow you to show off your magical skills. If you're a Harry Potter fan, you will also find a wide variety of themed magic and fantasy collectables on eBay.

Collectables to impress your mates

Haunted floating tricks are collectables that you can practice, and perfect. The magic trick invisible elastic stretch hidden coil thread loops allow you to float playing cards, bills, silks, and other objects. You can also move lightweight objects around without giving the game away. The pack contains 5pcs.

Flying magic collectables enable you to transform a cocoon into a butterfly before your mates' eyes. The high-quality plastic prop collapses into a lightweight object, that you can hold in the palm of your hand, or place inside a book, or greetings card. On opening, it magically turns into a flying butterfly.

Illusion tricks are just what you need to enhance your performance. The magic collectables smoke trick shows you how to create billowing smoke every time you rub your thumb and forefinger. The mystic smoke paper can be used up to 15 times. Other illusion tricks are also available.

The Ultimate 3 card trick is the famous prop that belongs in every magician's selection of magic collectables. The traditional 3pc poker playing cards are supplied with instructions.

Harry Potter Magic Collectables

Themed Harry Potter magic collectables are available in a wide range of designs, and styles. The ultimate magic package includes a Hogwart's Acceptance letter, a gold Hogwarts Express ticket, a Gringott's bank vault key, potion labels, and an assortment of other practical magical items.

Display your Harry Potter collectables in a stylish four character wand display box. The wall mounted wand holder is decorated with the Hogwart's emblem and securely holds 4 wands in place. Boost your abilities with Harry Potter magic collectables, including a selection of emblem pendants, house crest key rings, and necklaces.