Do You Know Which Are The Rarest Magic The Gathering Cards?

Magic The Gathering is a trading card game that is played by enthusiasts all over the world. The game has a strong following and people also like to collect these cards as a hobby. Some people even collect these cards as a method of investing as some will increase in value over time.

A little history about the game

Magic: The Gathering was first released back in August of 1993. Initially, there were only 2.6 million cards printed. These cards all feature amazing fantasy illustrations that have become very popular with collectors and enthusiasts.

Interestingly, this was the first ever trading card game and has inspired the creation of other games and trading cards such as Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon. Now you can find a lot of Pokemon cards for sale as well as other types of trading cards.

Which are the rarest Magic: The Gathering cards?

There are an amazing number of Magic: The Gathering cards that you can collect. But, have you ever wondered which ones are the rarest and, therefore, the most expensive? Here’s a list of some of the rarest cards:

  • Black Lotus (Alpha) – There’s both an autographed and several non-autographed versions of this card that are extremely rare all of which can fetch some astronomically high prices. Early in 2001, an autographed version of this card sold for over half a million dollars.
  • Black Lotus (Beta) – The Black Lotus cards are part of the Reserved List, which means that these cards can never be printed again.
  • Ancestral Recall (Alpha) – In the game, the blue Ancestral Recall card allows you to draw three cards from your deck, making this a valuable card.
  • Volcanic Island (Beta) – This is a dual lands card and the first of a series of ten lands. This card is also on the Reserved list.
  • Mind Twist (Beta) – When in play, this card can be used to make your opponent discard their hand, so it’s a valuable card to have.
  • Mox Ruby (Alpha) – This card is also on the Reserved list so it can never be reprinted.
  • Mox Sapphire (Beta) – You’ll usually find this card in the same deck as the Volcanic Island card and the Blue Mana card.
  • Timetwister (Alpha) – This card is on the Reserved list and a very valuable card to have in your hand.
  • Copy Artifact (Beta) – Interestingly, this card reached its peak value in 2020 and has been wildly fluctuating ever since.