Get creative with Magna-Tiles for kids

If youre looking to add a new and exciting dimension to your little ones playtime, look no further than magnetic building tiles from Magna-Tiles.

Designed to encourage creativity through play, Magna-Tile building toys offer a beautiful learning experience, as your kids get to grips with building a whole host of structures including animals, people, vehicles, towers, and houses.

All sets are super easy to use as each individual tile features built-in magnets that attach to the next shape quickly and easily. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to experimenting with abstract structures.

Magna-Tile building sets

Here you will find a great choice of Magna-Tile building sets that offer the perfect educational toys to introduce your children to creative play.

Each set features a wide variety of bright, translucent pieces that encourage kids to explore and experiment with different shapes in order to construct different structures. These building sets are also ideal for teaching shape and pattern recognition through play, a vital step in your childs development.

And to add yet another magical dimension to playtime and build near to a window so that you can experience the full effects of the translucent shapes once the sunlight hits them.

Block building toys

Magna-Tiles also offers a fantastic selection of magnetic building blocks that have been designed to encourage brain development through play.

Fun, exciting, and seriously effective, once your little ones get to grips with the different shapes, they will be there for hours experimenting with different formations. Each set comes complete with lots of different shapes that can be interlinked in hundreds of different ways in order to spark your childrens imagination and encourage them to think logically.

Other building toys

In this range, you will also find lots of other Magna-Tile building toys that have been designed to facilitate hours of solo or group play. Each set offers the chance for your kids to develop their shape and pattern recognition skills as they make new and exciting constructions.