Magnet Mobile Phone Mounts and Holders

Magnet Mobile Phone Mounts and Holders

Using your phone while driving is not advisable because of the safety issues it presents, but sometimes you do need it. The safest way to do so is mounting onto a car mobile phone holder and turning on the loudspeaker, or attaching it to a hands-free set. Magnetic phone holders are one option you could choose for your phone. You can also use them at home or in the office if you need to mount your device. Consider the widgets and features they include to pick the right one for your needs.

Basics of Magnetic Phone Mounts

The magnet part of a magnetic phone holder allows for cradle-free attachment of your device. As the phone includes metal, the magnet sticks to it and keeps it in place. The part of the mount that attaches to your car interior or other surfaces could have a suction cup for connecting. Magnet car vent holders allow you to keep the phone lower without overcluttering your dashboard.


The main part of the phone holder could use plastic or be a combination of plastic and metal. Sturdy rubber bases are also available. Some magnet mounts include metal backplates that you can slide between your phones cover and case. This is necessary if your phone does not have a metal back.


A mobile phone holder can do much more than simply keep your device in place. With the swivel function, you can rotate the phone as you need to, especially handy when navigating with GPS. The twist-and-lock function ensures that the mount stays where you want it to be once you have installed it.


The design of a phone magnet is not only about its good looks, although these do play a role. Some special designs can also make the phone holder stay in place even when driving on rougher roads. Several car vent phone holders come with this feature. Sometimes, simpler designs are better, allowing you to quickly attach the mount.