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Attractive magnetic hooks

Powerful and compact magnetic hooks optimize your storage possibilities. The small but exceptionally strong hooks are generally made of plastic or steel and attach to any magnetic surface and instantly provide a hanging storage option or solution anywhere.

Exceptional holding strength for unlimited storage options

Premium quality magnetic hooks are typically made from N38 grade material, and feature a pot magnet base. The 16mm heavy-duty hooks are coated with 3 protective layers of nickel and copper for enhanced durability. The extra strong clamping magnetic hooks hold up to 5.5kgs, and are supplied in packs of 6, 10, 12 and 24. Use in the garage, utility room, and anywhere that you need to maximize your storage capacity.

Salvage magnetic hooks are generally made from neodymium that has a super strong magnetic field. The small and compact magnetic hooks feature a ring instead of a traditional C hook. When attached to a vertical surface the hooks provide 20kg tension and holding force. Due to their powerful magnetic field, the versatile hooks should be kept away from televisions, computers and anything mechanical or electrical.

Rotation magnetic hooks have a secure circular base and a hook that rotates 360degrees and swings 180degrees. The flexible silver metal hooks are supplied singularly and are ideal for hanging up keys, kitchen utensils, hand towels and decorations. Slip a magnetic hook into your bag, and always be prepared for a hanging opportunity wherever you go.

Colour coordinated organization

Colour coded magnetic hooks are a cracking option for encouraging young children to tidy up their mess. The metal magnetic hooks feature coloured blocks for easy identification. The fridge magnetic hooks are comprised of a plastic block of colour, with magnetic back, attached to a metal hook. The easily adjustable hook is suitable for fridge use, and can also be attached to any magnetic surface. The fridge magnetic hooks are supplied in a pack of 3pcs.