Magnetic Sheet

Magnetic Sheets

Magnetic sheets provide an easy way to attach text or graphics to metallic surfaces. They are available in a wide range of types and formats. Magnetic sheets are thin, flexible sheets of magnetic material, like magnetic paper. They are typically made from a magnetic powder sealed into a plastic or rubber binder. This allows them to be attached temporarily to ferrous materials. Some types also come with adhesives as well as magnets, so they can be fixed to other surfaces as well.


Flexible magnetic sheets have a wide range of potential applications. They are often used for labeling metal shelves or storage boxes, and are particularly useful for making fridge magnets. Some other magnetic sheets can also be used to produce stick-on graphics for vehicles. Vehicle grade magnetic sheeting has to be more powerfully magnetic than most other types of magnetic sheet as it has to remain attached even when the vehicle is moving at high speed.


Magnetic sheets come in different sizes and types depending on its intended use. Magnetic printer paper is designed to be printed on by a regular printer, making it easy to customise with your choice of designs or text. Because it is intended for printer use it typically comes in standard printer paper sizes like A4 or A3. Other magnetic sheets are coated with whiteboard material, allowing you to draw or write on them with dry-erase pens and then clean them off afterwards. However, magnetic sheets can also be much larger than A4 size. Typically, larger sizes are designed to be cut down as needed, making it an easy way to obtain bulk quantities of magnetic sheeting.

Other Magnetic Stationery

As well as magnetic paper and vehicle decals, there is also plenty of other business stationery with magnetic properties. Magnetic tape serves a very useful purpose as it allows you to add magnetic attachment points to non-magnetic surfaces. If you want to stick your magnetic sheet to a wooden cupboard, magnetic tape will let you do that. If you just want to leave messages magnetically attached to surfaces, some magnetic notepads use a magnetic holder to attach to a surface and secure multiple sheets of ordinary stationery paper.