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Magnetic Therapy Bracelets

Magnetic therapy is used to treat and alleviate pain from conditions such as injury, cancer, migraines and disease. The theory behind them is that the body's cells and tissues release electromagnetic pulses, and therefore, magnetic energy can help to reestablish balance and promote health. Small magnets are generally mounted on bracelets or necklaces for easy and comfortable wear. They are referred to as static or constant magnets, as the magnetic field in them is stationary.

Magnetic Therapy Bracelet Styles

There are plenty of styles of magnetic bracelet to coordinate with, and complement, your personal sense of style. Some are constructed from silicone rubber, which is easy to wear and won't react with your skin. It's gentle, flexible and waterproof, and won't show signs of wear and tear easily. A magnet is mounted inside and positioned over the veins and arteries in your wrists. Copper magnetic therapy bracelets are very popular, chic and unisex. They tend to be a simple open-ended bangle and can be altered depending on the size of your wrist. Inlaid with several small magnets, they are some of the most recognisable styles of bracelet on the market.

Magnetic Therapy Bracelets for Arthritis

Magnetic therapy bracelets for arthritis can be worn by anyone of any age or size. Treating pain related to arthritis is one of the primary uses of magnetic therapy. They are discreet and unobtrusive bracelets that slide over the wrist easily. There are styles in titanium and beaded bracelets so that your health accessory doubles as an attractive item of jewellery.

Magnetic Therapy Bracelet Health Benefits

The purpose of magnetic therapy is to promote and stimulate metabolic flow and prevent the body from becoming too acidic. A body that is high in acidity is a hostile environment for cancers to grow and inflammation to form. Used as far back as the Renaissance, magnetic therapy is thought to function through the release of charges into the body and the effects on human biology. Although there are differing schools of thought as to the efficacy of magnetic therapy, it's certainly not harmful, and many individuals believe their symptoms of pain have been relieved.

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