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Clarify your ideas with magnetic whiteboards

You know it's about time you threw away that dusty old blackboard and revamped your office or classroom space with a nice sleek, clean magnetic whiteboard. Perfect for any office, classroom or home, magnetic whiteboards are available in a range of styles and sizes to suit all applications. Magnetic whiteboards have a place, especially if you're a busy teacher or an office manager looking for an easy way to display presentations and mindmaps. Magnetic whiteboards are quick and easy to maintain with an easy clean surface, which can be drawn on using water based marker pens. As the surface is magnetic, you are free to attach documents to the board without having to use pins, which are not only dangerous for small children but also permanently mark the board.

Aluminium frame whiteboards

Aluminium framed whiteboards are useful for smaller offices or homes where a full whiteboard is not required. They can be mounted on the wall above office furniture, or stand alone as a mobile floor standing easel, making them easy to move from one office or room to another. They are available in a range of sizes and can also be combined with a traditional double-sided cork pin board if required.

Frameless whiteboards

Frameless whiteboards are designed to be wall mounted and are typically larger than their aluminium framed cousins. Multiple sizes are available and you can combine boards to create a whiteboard wall, which is ideal for larger classrooms or office spaces. This type of board is not portable and requires permanent fixing to the wall.

Whiteboard accessories

A range of whiteboard accessories and supplies are also available on eBay, including trays to hold marker pens, skittle pin magnets to hold documents in place, easels for freestanding aluminium boards, easy clean board erasers, and a variety of coloured marker pens.