Magnifying Makeup Mirrors

Look your best and invest in a magnifying makeup mirror

Could you ever get that winged eyeliner look without a magnifying makeup mirror?

If you’ve ever watched makeup artists do their magic, you would’ve noticed how some have a mirror in front of them to help them finish their look.

More often than not, these are magnifying makeup mirrors that help them easily apply their makeup without having to scoot too close to the mirror for a closer look.

Coming in different shapes, sizes and designs, browse through our collection to find the most suitable magnifying makeup mirror for your everyday glam needs.

While some do their makeup seated at their dressing table, some do it standing in front of their bathroom mirror, and some take up the challenge of finishing their look on-the-go. So Before buying your magnifying makeup mirror, think about where you do your makeup every day.

Standing mirrors for those who take time for thatflawless look

If you’re someone who has all your makeup products laid out on the dressing table and likes to sit down and take time to finish your look, then a tabletop standing mirror is a suitable choice for you.

Wall-mounted mirrors for your bathroom

Do you like finishing your makeup just after a shower? Then a wall-mounted magnifying mirror will be the best choice for you.

These can be adjusted to the height you need, making it easily accessible while standing.

Compact or handheld mirrors for the bold risk-taker

For those who like to give their makeup a touch-up, on-the-go, or those who are bold enough to do their makeup while travelling, compact or handheld mirrors are the best choice.