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Mailing Tubes

Meant for mailing documents or prints, mailing tubes let you roll items up and mail them securely without the worry of items bending or tearing during shipment. Easy to use and convenient, the tubes are lightweight and make mailing anything paper a breeze. Take control of mailing sensitive and fragile papers when you slip them into a secure and sturdy mailing tube and ensure they arrive in one piece.


When you think of mailing tubes, you typically imagine a long brown tube with caps on the ends. However, there is more than one type of mailing tube. There are white and brown tubes, clear tubes and even square-shaped tubes. For extra security, you can even slide tubes into a mailing tube box, which offers an added layer of protection to your mailing tube. Select regular or heavy-duty mailing tubes depending on what you're shipping. Crafted from thick cardboard, mailing tubes offer durable construction to keep your items safe as they travel.


Keep documents and items from sliding out when you choose mailing tubes with plastic end caps that secure onto each end and click into place. This is a more durable alternative to simply sealing the ends with adhesive. Other postal tube features to keep in mind include whether the tube is cardboard or a more heavy-duty option, such as fibreboard. You can even purchase tubes with vinyl end caps. Tubes come in different colours with different coloured end caps, which can help you categorise certain items and keep them organised as you ship things out.


Mailing tubes are versatile and functional, especially because of their multiple size options. No matter how large or small your items are, there's a tube to fit, and purchasing the correct tube keeps your item secure and safe inside. Sizes range from small 325mm tubes to oversized 600mm tubes and many sizes in between so you can customise an exact fit directly to your document's specifications. If you put papers into a tube that's too big, it can be hard for your client or customer to retrieve the item, so measure your document and ensure you have the correct dimensions when you go to purchase mailing tubes.


Shipping tubes aren't just for documents. You can use them to mail posters, prints and other types of artwork as well as media, such as comics or magazines. They keep important documents safe, including certificates or legal paperwork, and you can send off architect plans, oversized banners or even photographs without worry. Even if you use tubes with end caps, add a layer of adhesive over each end to make sure the caps aren't lost during travel.

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