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Maisto Volkswagen Diecast Vehicles

Diecast cars use diecast metals and have gorgeous metal and plastic detailing inside. The reason children and model enthusiasts enthusiastically collect diecast model cars is because these are gorgeous pieces that truly replicate the beauty of the life size models. Diecast does not just go into creating model cars, but also miniature models of aircrafts, buses and other vehicles. However, the diecast car market is the biggest, as it is directly proportional to the global car market. Out of all the diecast car manufacturers, Maisto is a name that rises above the crowd because of its large product range and distribution globally. Maisto has a large collection of collectible Volkswagen diecast vehicles that enthusiasts worldwide love.


Maisto is a toy brand originating in 1991 from Hong Kong that has since moved to Fontana, California in the United States of America. Even though the company has Asian roots and is currently operating from California, the distribution and demand of its products is worldwide. Due to this, Maisto is one of the leading toys and games distributors in the world right now.

The Make of Maisto Volkswagen Diecast Vehicles

Maisto Volkswagen diecast cars trucks vans are gorgeous pieces and each piece is truly a work of art. The Volkswagen body is pure diecast metal, but the internal detailing like the seats, the clutches, the breaks and internal parts of the vehicle are moulded and uses different plastics, leathers and alloys. The paint job on each Maisto Volkswagen diecast vehicle is also quite intricate and these diecast models are true model replicas of the beautiful Volkswagens.

Packaging and Models of Maisto Volkswagen Diecast Vehicles

The Maisto Volkswagen diecast cars come in mint boxes with plastic base plate. The packaging is quite attractive and serves as a good showcase. Maisto has created different classic Volkswagen models, including the Beetle, Squareback hippie line, Van Samba. These classics are available in a variety of colours and designs, and you are sure to find a diecast model that suits your fancy out of the Maisto Volkswagen collection.