Bags For Makeup

If you have a lot of makeup at home, you most likely have a dedicated drawer or makeup case to hold everything. Still, when it comes to going on holiday or going to a friend's house for the weekend, you need something to carry the items that you need. Women's cosmetic bags are perfect for holding the makeup items that you want to take with you, so you don't have to lug everything around. You can find some really great organisers in plain or funky patterns, which will help you stay organised and not have to search round in the bottom of your suitcase or handbag to find what you need.

What Kind of Makeup Bags Can I Find?

There are so many great styles of makeup bags available in different sizes including:

  • Barrel cosmetic bag: A barrel cosmetic bag allows you to put all of your makeup items into the bag so they are standing upright. Then you pull a drawstring to close the top.
  • Hanging makeup organiser bag: Hanging makeup bags are great for keeping all your makeup and other toiletries organised. You can simply hang the bag up on a hook and open it out to access everything. These are ideal if you know that you are not going to have a lot of bench or vanity space.
  • Makeup case: While not technically a bag, a cosmetic case or makeup box has a hard shell and is great for keeping all of your items free from damage. Professional makeup artists often use these but if you want something lightweight it is better to go for a bag.
  • Cosmetic purse: A cosmetic purse is useful for when you want to take a few things in your handbag like mascara and bronzer, but don't have space to take your whole makeup bag.

What Can I Put In a Makeup Bag When I Go Travelling?

It will depend on the size of your travel makeup bag as to what you can put it in it. Some of the things you could include are:

  • Makeup: All your makeup brushes, foundation, eyeshadows, bronzers and mascara.
  • Beauty items: Since they are small in size, you can fit in eyebrow tweezers, fingernail clippers or a nail file. A makeup organiser will often have dedicated pouches for these kinds of items.
  • Toiletries: A large cosmetic bag could also hold deodorant, face creams and nail polish remover, so look for a bag that will fit these items if you would prefer to keep everything together.