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Got one to sell?

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Your makeup can only be as good as the tools you use. beautyblender is one of the best makeup application and blending tools on the market. The teardrop shape and spongey soft material ensures the effortless and flawless application of your foundation for a professional finish every time.

Blend better than ever
beautyblender is on eof the first edgeless makeup tool or accessories on the market, providing finely blended application of foundation, contouring stick or even the smoky eye look. The unique teardrop-shaped sponge is manufactured from a silicone that stretches and contours, making the application of liquid or powder foundations easier. The curved edges and malleable materials minimise streaks and patchy application.

Make your products last
Ordinary makeup tools, accessories, and sponges can soak up and hold makeup within the applicator tool. This soaking up of the liquid or powder forces you to use more of your foundation faster, and could lead to your tools being clogged it with old products and bacteria.

Using the beautyblender
To use the beauty blender, all you have to do is wet the sponge, squeeze out excess water, dip it in your complexion product and apply to your skin. Application with the beautyblender is done via dabbing – not by smudging or rubbing makeup over the area, which can leave uneven smears over your skin. beautyblender is manufactured to be 'bounced' over your face, gently applying makeup evenly. By wetting the beautyblender before applying your makeup to the sponge, you reduce the amount of waste, therefore extending the life of your foundation and reducing waste with the added bonus of being more hygienic.

The beauty blender can help make your everyday makeup application process easier and less wasteful. Check these great tools out, as well as a variety of other awesome makeup kits, online every day on eBay.

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