Makeup Boxes

Boxes for Makeup

Organisation is key for most makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts. Because beauty products typically vary in size, sorting them can be difficult without certain tools. Boxes for makeup should also work for the person's lifestyle. For a makeup artist on the go, a heavy-duty suitcase-style kit would be a good investment. However, for someone who is organising makeup at home, in a desk or vanity, acrylic storage would help him or her keep track of products.


Acrylic containers are very popular for organising beauty products. They often consist of small, stackable, clear drawers. People who use them can easily see the contents of each drawer without opening it. Not only that, but it allows for the products to be on display. Many makeup enthusiasts love to show off their collection and this is a great way to do so. Acrylic makeup organisers are not travel-friendly, however, as they are much more fragile than plastic or aluminium containers.


Aluminium boxes are a very popular choice for makeup artists. They are lightweight and durable. They also open up to many compartments, making it easy to organise products into categories, such as eyeliner, eyeshadow, foundation, highlighter, and so on. They also look very professional. Customers should be careful to choose an aluminium box with an interior that is easy to clean. Surfaces that you can easily wipe down are much more hygienic than fabric interiors. Additionally, it keeps the kit looking clean and new.


Plastic is another common material for makeup boxes. These are less professional looking than aluminium boxes, since they are usually multi-coloured and marketed toward younger people. Plastic is also more likely to crack than aluminium, so care should be taken when travelling. Many beauty enthusiasts use small plastic boxes of various sizes to organise their makeup into categories, like eyes, lips, and face, or into even more specific product categories, such as mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and so on.

Faux Leather and Fabric

Faux leather or fabric boxes are another great option for travelling. They are easily found in many different colours and patterns and usually hide the box's contents, which can be helpful for people who want to be more discreet. These boxes can come in many shapes and sizes, from cylinder makeup brush containers, to suitcase-style boxes.